I am a  nurse and a quilter, both for over 20 years.  My work-space and inventory is
in my home so I can be near my 3 children.  I retail my craft via internet, craft fairs
and consignment.  In the past I have sold by word of mouth and given away as much

I use rotary blade cutters and scissors to cut shapes and strips of fabric, often
using handmade templates of paper or cardboard.  I machine piece and machine quilt
(not long arm).  I hand sew any embellishments, hanging sleeves and labels.  I stuff
the items with various battings depending on the function of the piece.

The designs and patterns I choose are traditional and simple.  The objects I make
are useful and practical.  The fabrics I use are natural, unique and attractive--
mostly batik, tie-dyed, hand dyed, or tinted fabric in cottons and flannels.

Thus the quilted throws, baby blankets and mats, wall-hangings, table runners,
potholders, baby bibs, doll blankets, dresser toppers, etc are all sturdy, soft,
unique and beautiful.  They are pieces of art meant to be used, washed and enjoyed
for years.

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